Thursday, October 8, 2009

Creating Conducive Atmosphere in the Classroom

Dear teachers,

Class management is very important to ensure that the teaching and learning take place effectively. We must train the students to be responsible in keeping their clasroom clean and conducive for teaching and learning. One of the ways to create a conducive classroom, is to have a set of rules for your class.

The Rules of The Class

1.Keep the class clean all the time.

2.Do your duty before the class begins.

3.Sweep the floor and clean the blackboard.

4.Throw rubbish in the bin provided.

5.Do not eat and drink in the classroom.

6.Make sure the chairs and desks are arranged in straight line.

7.Wipe the windows every day.

8.Keep the reading corner neat and tidy. Arrange the books, magazines and any reading materials neatly.

9.Switch off the lights and fans every time you leave the classroom. Switch them on only when you are in the classroom.

10.Put up articles on the board and change them every two weeks.

11.Put up some proverbs or wise saying around the classroom.

12.Place a vase of flowers or a pot of small plant on teacher’s table.

13.Make sure that the classroom has enough ventilation so that it is not too warm.

14.Line up two by two, in a straight line and keep silent when you need to move to another classroom or going to the laboratory.

15.Leave the classroom during recess.

16.Get a “pass card” each time you want to go to the toilet or any places within the school compound.

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