Sunday, November 23, 2008

Malaysian Food

Hi everyone
I hope you are having wonderful time.Now,the school is off for year end holiday.My kids are also at home and are always driving me crazy. Luckily, one of my hobbies is cooking. So,one of the best ways to keep my three boys and a fifteen-year-old daughter behave is to feed them.One of their favourites is my sago pudding. It is very easy and simple to make.

brown sugar(Malacca sugar made of coconut's nectar)

1.Boil water.
2.Pour the sago into the boiling water and stir for 5 minutes.
3.Turn off the stove and pour the cooked sago into small moulds.
4.Leave it cool at room temperature.
5.Make the syrup by boiling the brown sugar.Leave it cool.
6.Serve the sago with a spoon of brown sugar and some milk.Best served after refrigerated for half an hour.

Good Luck!

Sago - a kind of starch made of sago tree.(a kind of palm tree)
Brown sugar - not the normal brown sugar. This one is made of coconut's nectar.

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