Saturday, January 10, 2009

Learning English Should Be Fun

Dear English teachers
Don't you think that learning English should be fun? It shouldn't be predictable and intimidating.Students will look forward to our lessons if they are given surprises in each lesson. They will be excited to participate in the activities we have planned for them.
Yet these days learning English has become so dull.With the pressure of ensuring students to get A in English,English teachers have turned themselves into boring machines.
So English teachers,please wake up!We are teaching English as a second language. The purpose of acquring a language is to be able to communicate in the language. Listening,speaking.reading and writing are the four skills that we must teach. What we have been focusing on these few years back is only on writing composition. As consequence of our sins, our students can hardly speak in English. (even though they have learned it since kindergarten)
Making errors in learning a second language is something which should not be ashamed of. In fact, most people learn through trials and errors. Come on! Let's make the teaching of English fun and with realistic purpose.

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  1. Salam,
    yes i agree with you that learning English should be fun. When i first taught in smcc, i found my students to be stiff and too serious. They showed me that they had a lot of potential but that potential wasn't really tapped. it is really up to the teacher to stimulate the students' interest int eh subject. go out and be daring. try what you have never tried before. There is a saying that i always tell my students. When you are in my class, you must let your hari down and enjoy! othe rpeople shouldn't be prescriptive about how you should teach you own class. You are the teacher so you decide what's best for them! good luck :)