Thursday, August 14, 2008

Learn a new word

meaning: an idea or plan produced by a creative thought;invention,(Collins English Dictionary)an idea or a invention considered to be the creation of a particular person (Oxford English Dictionary)

Sentence: This time-machine is Mr Azizi's brainchild.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Teaching idea: composition

A Story on Moderation

1.Introduce list of words to students.
2.Ask students to construct sentences based on the list of words given.
3.Read the story (example of a story on moderation) to students.
4.Read again. Get the students to note down the sequence of the story.
5.Get students to retell the story orally to friends/partner.
6.Listen to the students, correct them when necessary.(grammar and words used) It does not matter if the story differs a bit.(after all people do interpret what they hear differently)
7.Finally get them to write their own essay. Give a suitable title to the essay. They may add relevant details. Make sure they use past tense


The skeleton of the story

In Ipoh – two good friends – Tina and Farah – slims –beautiful - could eat anything – – envy of others - active in co curricular – excellent in studies-
after SPM – went separate ways - Tina entered local university – studied interior design - Farah – went overseas – studied law –

after 15 years –met at school reunion – 32 years old – Tina – ran interior design business - home office – married to a teacher – had two children – put on weight – happy – 70 kilogram in weight

– Farah – had own law firm - single – still slim – beautiful - could eat anything - happy – planned to get married at 35 – fiancĂ© – a high rank army officer.

At 35, finally got married – Farah boasted about able to eat anything – as Farah aged, she also put on weight – realised when could not get baby – husband did not mind – happy – but not Farah – her weight was 65 kilogram- called Tina – met at Tina’s home - Tina was already 85 kilograms - usual self - cheerful – agreed to lose some weight – both joined aerobic class – 3 hours a week- did not eat fried food and rice – successful –

After 6 months Tina lost 20 kilogram – Farah – 57 kilogram – yet – not satisfied – continued dieting –refused to eat - husband advised – did not listen – Tina also advised – ate in front of Tina – later vomit what she ate – one night – husband took to hospital – returned from work - shocked- his wife fainted in bathroom – lost too much weight – skinny – could not work – could not look after herself – hospital for treatment - Tina –visited - gave advice– husband told her – he loved her for her inner beauty – Tina too loved her – kind – loving – caring –

lesson – be moderate – want to lose weight-do moderately – eat balance diet –do not starve one’s self.

Book Review

"Reaching for the Stars" was written by the late Sheikh Mustapha Shukor Al-Masrie and published by MPH Publishing. He wrote the book about his brother Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor, the first Malaysian Angkasawan.
It is an inspiring book written by a brother who loved and always looked up for his elder brother. In the book,he wrote about Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor from his own perspective.
This book will make you shed a few tears. It shows a close bonding between the author and his brother, Sheikh Muszaphar. It also contains so many values that I would like my children and students to own. I have always told them to “Reach for the sky! Even if you fall, you will still be among the stars.” Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor is no doubt one of those who lives by this principle. He has extraordinary self-confidence.
Title of Book: Reaching for the Stars
Author: Sheikh Mustapha Shukor Al-Masrie
Publisher: MPH Publishing
Year Published :Mac 2008, April 2008
Price: RM20.00(Malaysian currency)

Monday, August 11, 2008



STUDENTS ON DUTY must sweep the floor, empty the rubbish bin and clean the blackboard.

WINDOW COMMITTEE (AJK TINGKAP) Windows AND the wooden frame must be cleaned EVERYDAY.

Students in-charged must change the information /notices/ posters every fortnight.

Students on duty MUST clean the blackboard all the time.
If the student on duty is absent, other students on duty that particular day must take charge.

Mohd Hakim, as the head of cleanliness must make sure everyone does his/her duty.


Students in-charged must make sure the desks and seats are arranged neatly all the time. Before going home, all students must put their chairs on the table. A vase of flowers must be placed on the teacher’s table.


Students must keep themselves neat all the time.

Students must utilize the reading corner and record their reading in the Nilam Form.

To form 3 students

It's Monday.Form 3 students are sitting on their Trial PMR.All the best to them whereever they are.To my students in 3KAA1,3KAA3,3B and 3G,remember my advice.I pray for your success.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

A Call of Duty ...NST,Thursday,January 3,2008

please click on the newspaper cutting to get a larger image.

Chicken Soup

My dear students,

Puan Siti Aminah told me that most of you love reading the "Chicken Soup" which the English Language Panel bought for the library.I am glad that you have found something that you like.One girl in fact called me from a bookshop,confirming the title of the book as she wanted to buy one herself.This is a great progress.