Saturday, April 2, 2011


Recently I have been driving a lot on highway.In fact, I am driving along the road every week. The first thing I notice as I am driving is the beautiful landscape along the highway. I can't help but feeling grateful to be born in Malaysia.
However, most drivers on the highway do not seem to appreciate this. Most of them are speeding over the speed limit. For the BMW owners , the highway is their racing track. Even a Myvi which runs on 1.3 cc is also speeding over 120km per hour.Motorbikes are no exception. I can only look at them and pray for their safety (and my safety of course.) Even when there is a repairing work done on the road and a sign asking drivers to reduce their speed to 80km and 60km, these fast drivers do not seem to care.
The worst driver is a bus driver of an express bus who goes zigzag on the highway.I just pray that the bus won't fly.See, my lips are always chanting the prayer when I am driving on the highway. My advice to the courteous Malaysian drivers, pray a lot for your safety when you are driving on the highway.