Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year

It's new year today.I am getting older and the time is shorter. People always ask each other "What is your new resolution?"
Frankly, I have never thought of it because I beleive that I must try to be a better person each day.
For things to change,we have to change first. This famous phrase does ring some truth. However, as a human being, there is a limitation to what we are capable of doing.After putting so much effort, we may sometimes be dissapointed by failures. I usually take a realistic step. I accepted what God has fated.I believe God makes things happen because He knows what is best for us. By accepting both good and ill-fate, I feel much happier and contented.
Complaining and blaming others for what had happened do not solve problems.Instead, these negative acts will only worsen the problem and may distress relationships.So, I always choose to think good of others.
I practice what I believe in bringing up my children.I don't nag them because I find nagging is irritating to the ears.I don't scold nor blame them for bad things that happen because to be human is to err.A person who never makes mistakes may not be able to learn something valuable.If a glass is broken,I don't get mad.(even if it is made of crystal and is a gift from my late Mum).I want them to feel loved and appreciated.I want them to remember me when I die as a good caring mother who never says a harsh word.I want them to experience great moments with me. I hope my children will bring up their children as I do and hope they will be better parents.
I also adopt the same approach in disciplining and inculcating good values in my students. I care about them as much as I care about my own children. If my children and children of other people around me are brought up with much love and care, the world will be a heaven.Fear,crimes and all sorts of menace shall be replaced with trust,love and benevolent acts.