Saturday, February 12, 2011

A lesson from an elephant

I took my children to the zoo and we were lucky that day to witness performances by a few animals. This elephant had caught our attention.She could dance very well to the music.(something that I fail to do in aerobic classes where I usually end up creating my own steps)She would do anything her trainer asked her to do.I am sure she had gone through a lot of trainings. I believe for her to achieve and attain what she had accomplished surely required her to focus and listen to her trainer attentively.She must have imitated her trainer and have practised a lot!

This is something we,humans can learn from the elephant.Students who wish to acquire English should follow the strategy she had adopted: Focus,Listen,Imitate and Practice!(FLIP).FLIP as you watch English movie,FLIP as you listen to Taylor Swift (or any songs), FLIP as your English teacher teaches you to do active reading and FLIP as much as you can from books etc.However do so selectively.