Tuesday, September 7, 2010

September is here

It's September and this Saturday,11th will be my 43rd birthday. I am sharing the date with Sophia Lorenz but I am not like her. Sophia possesses a great beauty even though she is a granny.(yet I don't envy her).Another well-known person who shared the same birth date was the former President of The Philippines, Marcos.(unlike me)

A friend is also sharing my birth date;Along Faezah.She was my schoolmate. We were in the school choir group and recently we met after 20 years in fund raising event.( I met some of my schoolmates there...love them all) I think we have some similarities. She is a lawyer. I would have been if my father had not gone against it when I got the offer.As a teacher, I also talk a lot.(I don't nag though)

How should I celebrate my birthday? As usual no birthday cake!If there is, it's because my youngest son,7 wants a birthday cake for himself.He will use my birthday as an excuse to get a birthday cake.

As my birthday coincides with Raya, I will hold a small feast at home with my family and siblings. Spaghetti, chocolate brownies, some fruits and radix cola.Perhaps, I can give some to my neighbours.I hope they will love my cooking.

As I am nearing 43, I realise a few things about myself.First, I don't enjoy the "limelight".That's why I am not a celebrity....he he he.I would feel more comfortable to be hidden behind a curtain. I remember my first public speaking when I was 9. My voice did not come out but after a few minutes I finally blurted out some strings of sentences in English. I also freaked out when I had to deliver a talk in front of my A-level teacher, Mr Mike Dean.I had to take a short rest before I continued.

Alhamdulillah, now I am far way better.All those early experiences had shaped me to be a better speaker. Of course, it wasn't an easy journey for me. My heart used to be pumping extremely fast and cups of sweat had been excreted from my small body.(used to be small).I think it's fair if I thank my elementary school teacher, Allahyarham Haji Abdullah Tahir who believed in my talent. He trained me to be a debater when I was 10.I really did well.My school was so proud of me but I did not venture further in this field at secondary school. I was just a timid person who was waiting for some scout talent to notice me.I wanted to be in the school debating team but nobody knew. So,boys and girls out there, if you really want to take part in school activities,you have to make your intention known."Teacher,I would love to be in your team and to represent the school.I think I have the talent and the quality you are looking for."

I also realise that I always put others' need before me.I will do anything for my family,for my friends and for people who need my help. It's good because it's satisfying and rewarding but there are times that I really need to pamper myself using my hard-earned money. This is what I recently did.I got myself a new car.(but I have this uneasy feeling..I feel so guilty).I could have just bought a small national car.Can I maintain my present life-style when I have retired?I am confused. But I deserve to pamper myself.I hope when I am old, I won't envy the young girls driving beautiful elegant car because I have also driven a beautiful elegant car(I did not ask other people's money nor rob a bank) Thanks Allah for your bountiful blessing.Please Allah, bestow on me good health and opens the doors to your vast rezeki)

September is an important month for me.Happy birthday to me and to those who share their birthday month.I hope I will a better person every day.