Saturday, April 3, 2010

English Garden

The work on my English Garden was finally completed. However, I still need to put up some English signs or buntings.
The pictures show the progress of the English Garden.

English Language Self-Access Centre

I have always wanted an English room where English teachers can carry out many fun and meaningful activities during English lesson. Thanks to Allah, a new four-storey building was completed last year and the English panel was given a room . I was given the responsibility to prepare the room . However, it functions more as an English Language Self-access Centre. At first, I did not have a clue what is self-access centre really is. Fortunately the internet proves to be a useful source of information. It linked me to many self-access centres around the world. The pictures show some students were busy preparing the room.

Teachers, encourage your students to speak English!

Recently, the inability to speak in English fluently and effectively among graduates has become a great concern in Malaysia. Many employers claim that potential candidates for the vacant posts in their company fail in their interviews because of their handicap in English. These candidates excell in all their examinations but when they join the real world, they can’t even utter a few comprehensible English.
As a teacher, I have to take some actions. One of them, is to focus on speaking skills. In 2004, I had in fact done an action research on how to improve students’ speaking skill and had presented it in front of educators from primary school, secondary school and teaching colleges. The title of my research was “ To increase students’ ability to communicate in English effectively using COP game as an approach”
So,I have incorporated more speaking skills in my lesson. I have increased the focus on this particular skill by 10 % more than I have been doing the past years. I believe speaking will ultimately help my students to perform well in examination.