Thursday, May 14, 2009

Happy Teacher's Day

Happy Teacher's Day to all teachers.16th of May is supposed to be a much awaited day for teachers.Yet most teachers are reluctant to celebrate it.We have to fork out our own money to buy presents for each other so that we won't feel so devastated on our special day.The young and sweet teachers get abundant of presents from their students while the wrinkled ones may get one or two presents.(mostly none)

Personally,it does not matter to me whether I get a present or not.A simple thank you note on a piece of paper or a wish from a student makes my day a brighter day.A sincere "Thank You,teacher!" can give me strength to go through the next 12 years of teaching.An appreciation note from a student has been for the past 19 years enables me to climb up and down 4 storey-buildings 10 times a day.My feet has been swollen a few times throughout my daily ordeals.God knows how I have endured the pain.Only lately I have apologised to students for having to sit down once in a while due to my health.I cannot curse my fate.I do not ask God for it.I accept it as God's Will.I am grateful to Him for giving me illness for it makes me realise how fragile my life is.It makes me aware that how busy I am with my school work,I must not forget Him for He makes us human and genie to worship him.

I enjoy teaching (though it was my father who took me out from my accounting course to take up teaching.He was also the one who discouraged me from taking up Law.)As I was doing my education year, I realised I am born to be a teacher. I have the ability to impart knowledge and to put myself in my students' shoes.

After all these years, I finally realise that I can only give my student the tool to obtain knowledge.It is up to him to find way how to use the tool.Let me explain this in simple words.For example, I give a student a sharp knife to cut an apple.My student will be able to cut it into two,four or even ten, beautifully, using the sharp knife.However after sometimes,he will not be able to cut the apple like the first time because it has become blunt.My student must sharpen the knife so that he can cut the apple like the first time.
So,in studies,a student must apply the same method.He needs to constantly does his revision so that he remembers the fact and will be able to give accurate answers in examination."TEACHERS OPEN THE DOOR TO KNOWLEDGE.IT IS UP TO STUDENTS TO ENTER IT"

There were times I was quite hurt with my students for not even acknowledging me when he failed to obtain A in English.When I was teaching him, I already knew what he might likely get for he never listened to me.He always demanded mark he did not deserve.I told him many times not to repeat the mistakes in National Exam.Besides the intelligent that we inherit from our parents,one of the keys to be a high achiever is to listen to teacher's advice.Getting A in English is not as easy as getting A in Maths.In Mathematics,once you master the formula and concept,you will be able to solve any tasks given.However in learning a foreign language, a student needs to master listening,speaking,reading and writing skills.Hard work is definitely a MUST.NO PAIN NO GAIN.(the case is somehow different for a student who has learned the language since a toddler where the foreign language environment is right there at home.Most of them even dream in the foreign language and talking or singing in sleep in the foreign language)

Sure,there are ups and downs in teaching but if we,teachers are not willing to teach,who will?To teachers, enjoy our day.It is up to us to make ourselves happy.I just did today.I went out this evening and bought myself another new dress (an addition to the new three dresses my hubby had just picked up at the tailor this morning.)and a few brooches to match.I guess I need to look for a pair of new shoes.
Tomorrow,I will take my children to Batu Pahat to buy some gifts for their teachers.