Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My 3E

This year, I am the class teacher of form 3E.(the second last class from 12 classes.)The class is made up of 37 students. There are very weak in English but this is not a problem.

My only problem is time-management.I am the head panel, chief advisor of the Safety Club and the class teacher of 3E. I am also in-charge of police cadet.On top of that I am teaching four classes of English.

I enjoy teaching English but lately I have many sleepless nights.I have to complete all the clerical works related to 3E - the class registration, collecting the "bayaran tambahan"(extra pay), collecting their co-curricular reports and so on.There is a list of ongoing work related to 3E that will not end until the end of the year.Last week when everybody was having a day off on Thaipusam, I had to go to school to decorate 3E. Amirul,Firdaus and Amar who had just completed their SPM last December helped me to paint the classroom.I bought the paint and the brushes. The striking orange wall was finally replaced by lime green paint.The classroom looks more conducive now for teaching and learning to take place.

Luckily,Faizwan,the monitor of 3E is a responsible boy. He got the table cloth and prepared the class timetable, duty roaster and information corner. The kids in 3E are sweet though they talk a lot. I noticed a boy named Rizwan loves cleaning the classroom. I saw him sweeping the classroom a few times this week. Some of these kids are obedient. They empty the rubbish bin each time I ask.

Natasyah,the class assistant is helpful too though she has her own problem. Shafiqah Kalil, who has lost her mother at a young age is willing to lend her hand. She had painstakingly made a timetable by cutting out some holes on the manila cards and slit in the subjects for each day.(The boys did make a harsh remark over her work but she ignored them)

My students may not be good in studies but they are warm and friendly.They respect me as their class teacher and their English teacher.I hope that I can carry out effective lessons with them. I would like my lessons to be fun and memorable. I hope these kids will be able to have a simple conversation in English, understand simple flyers ,able to fill forms and write a simple letter in English. All I want is enough time to prepare for my lessons and a good health.