Saturday, June 12, 2010

Use a song to begin a lesson on writing.

I love this song. This song can be used to get students talk about their mother.

"My Mum is Amazing" by Zain Bhika

She wakes up early in the morning with a smile
And she holds my head up high
Don’t you ever let anybody put you down
because you are my little angel
Then she makes something warm for me to drink
because it’s cold out there, she thinks
Then she walks me to school, Yes I am no fool
I just think my Mom is amazing

She makes me feel
Like I can do anything
and when she’s with me
there’s no where else, I’d rather be…

After School, she’s waiting by the gate
I’m so happy that I just can’t wait
To get home to tell her how my day went
And eat the yummy food, only my Mom makes
Then I wind her up because I don’t want to bath
And we run around the house with a laugh
No matter what I say, she gets her way
I think my Mom is amazing

She makes me feel
Like I can do anything
and when she’s with me
there’s no where else, I’d rather be…

In the evening, she tucks me into bed
And I wrap my arms around her head
Then she tells me a tale of a girl far away
Who one day became a princess
I‘m so happy, I don’t want her to leave
So she lies in bed with me
As I close my eyes, how lucky am I
To have a Mom that’s so amazing

She makes me feel
Like I can do anything
and when she’s with me
there’s no where else, I’d rather be…

Then I wake up in the morning, she’s not there
And I realize she never was
And I’m still here in this lonely orphanage
With so many just like me
And as my dreams begin to fade
I try hard to look forward to my day
But there’s a pain in my heart that’s craving
How I wish I had a Mom that’s amazing
Would be amazing

Friday, June 11, 2010

Voice conferencing?Video conferencing?Skype?

In the early nineties, a BBC TV newscaster reported about a great Japanese invention.

"You can talk and see the person you are talking to on the phone".

Then, a phone with a big screen was shown on air.

I was amazed!I really hope that it would be in the market.

When my brother did his PHD in UK, we kept in touch with each other via video-conferencing.My kids were excited talking to him. We could see his room and we could see the effect of British food on him.Even though we are thousand miles apart, I had only paid a small amount for the internet usage.Phone bills would have been very costly.

Now ...there are so many ways to get connected.Skype is the latest.Recently, when my sister who is residing in Johor Bahru and family were at my house, we had the opportunity to talk to our sister in Kuala Lumpur through skype. We save a lot of money by doing so.The most important thing is we get closer.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I do not enjoy shopping.

Twenty years ago, I asked my friends, “Is there any service whereby I can just shop for things by giving a call? My friends gave me a scornful look as if I have requested for something from Mars.

Then some years later, customer can request for services and order certain goods via the yellow pages. I was among the few people who were comfortable using yellow pages. I had to search through the pages, find the phone number and make a quick call. So every month, I had the shop assistant delivering gas to my house and the fast food outlet to deliver delicious fried chicken. (I was very grateful to the delivery boy especially when I ran out of chicken meat and unexpected guests were on the way.) All these services were of course expensive! So I had to check my wallet before I made any calls. The services must be paid on delivery.

When credit cards were made available to more selected groups of people and the internet started to be a hit, e-commerce slowly developed. Thus, at the beginning of the new millennium, e-commerce invaded the global market. It is now known as online marketing where selling and buying take place virtually. I have been using this service from time to time. I have bought books, dresses and scarfs. I received all the goods I have ordered on the date promised .The goods have been so far in good condition.

Yet, I haven’t got the confidence to buy shoes online because they must fit my feet perfectly and comfortable to walk in. Another problem is, I still have to go shopping for groceries at the market. What should I do? I do not enjoy shopping. It’s tiring and time consuming.

p/s I am not a lazy person. It's just that I don't like to waste my time shopping. I think my husband is grateful that I am not a shopaholic.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Mid-Year School Holidays

Extra Classes during school holiday has become a practice in most schools in Malaysia. As a teacher, I am happy to contribute as I have not planned to go anywhere this holiday. Some teachers may not be happy because they have prior plans and holidays are the only time they can spend more time with their family members.Some may need to look after old parents. After all, teachers are also mothers/fathers,daughters/sons, husbands/wives, neighbours and members of society.

Since my daughter who happens to be the eldest is going to sit for SPM at the end of the year,I prefer to let her rest at home.Perhaps I will take her out shopping for a new dress for the coming festival "Eidul Fitri".

For my 10 and 8 year-old-sons, I have scheduled some activities for them. Other than attending tae-kwan-do classes, they are going to learn to recite Al-Quran more intensively, do some leisure reading and make some science experiments.

For their big brother who is 14 years old, I am going to put him on a special diet.He needs to learn to eat balance meal.It must consist of carbohydrate, protein and lots of I can try new recipes and feed him.

Whatever it is, I hope this school holiday will be spent on doing something worthwhile.

p/s I have so many things to do.