Monday, November 1, 2010

Big Book

How to make a big book

1)Write a simple story.Decide on the plot,character,theme and setting of the story.
2)Get your teacher to read your story and to check your errors.
3)Design cover page of your big book.
4)You can draw pictures, use paint or cut pictures from magazines.
5)Put the pages in the proper order. This is important if you're telling a story.
5)Bind the book.You may use "rings","staple the pages together" or use "professional binding".


English Camp was successfully held today in SMK Simpang Rengam. Thanks to Cik Norazira Basiran , Puan Ambika Devi, Puan Kurotulaini and Puan Nik Hasni Nik Mahmud. Thanks also to the form 3 students who took part in the activities organised for them. Hope all the activities which we had planned had helped them to improve their English.Thanks also to Puan Rogayah and Mahera for preparing the materials we needed and the prizes for the students.

Programme Coordinator