Friday, September 9, 2011

Using video in teaching listening to ESL/EFL students

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Students who learn a second or a foreign language may not understand the words said by speakers of the second or foreign language but they managed to comprehend the message. What are their strategies?

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Commonly-used acronym in TESL / TEFL

Commonly-used Acronyms

CALL = Computer Assisted Language Learning
EFL = English as a Foreign Language (Studying English in non-English-speaking countries)
ELT = English Language Teaching (or sometimes Training)
ESL = English as a Second Language (Studying English as a non-native speaker in a country where English is spoken. Depending on where you are from, the term ESL may be more inclusive and includes EFL. For some people the reverse seems to be true.)
ESOL = English to Speakers of Other Languages (Note: ESL and EFL are often used interchangeably. This acronym is an attempt to make a generic term and then assign more limited meanings to ESL and EFL.)
L1 = "Language 1" = the student's native (primary or first acquired) language.
L2 = "Language 2" = the language being learned or studied
TEFL = Teaching English as a Foreign Language
TESL = Teaching English as a Second Language
TESOL = Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (It is also the name of an association, Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages, Inc.)
TOEFL = Test of English as a Foreign Language
TOEIC = Test of English for International Communication

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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Is going to university a must?

My Essex U: I was at the William Morris Tower

Hi everyone!
Going to university has always been one’s dream because almost everyone around us says, “When you grow up, you must study hard and go to university. Once you graduated, you will get a high salary.”
This belief may have been true forty or twenty years ago. Bill Gates has proved to us that even though he did not graduate, he can still earn a high figure income. However, should we compare ourselves to Bill Gates?
Bill Gates may have left university but he did so not because he disliked learning. The university did not seem able to satisfy his curiosity and challenge his intelligence. On his own, he ventured into the world of computer and introduced Microsoft. Bill Gates is the one who is responsible to initiate the high-tech lifestyle that most of us are indulging in at present.
Well, back to the main issue “Should we go to university? Personally, as a mother, I would like my children to follow my footsteps though I have seen a few instances of school dropouts turn out to become wealthy businessmen. I would like my sons to learn as much as they can before they join the working force. I would like to equip them with the necessary skills needed to survive in the adults’ world. I would like them to be able to make wise judgement. Yes they should be rich enough that they can help others! I hope they would not turn up to love money more than their own selves.
A friend I know says that university is not the only place to gain knowledge and skills. I agree with him because there are many technical colleges around the country which provide trainings for future technicians and engineers. Even a car workshop in my neighbourhood offers informal lessons to youngsters who are not academically inclined. What important for a school leaver is to decide what is best for him. Wherever he goes, learning process should continue.
I am really sad to see youngsters, who refuse to further study or to get trainings, but keeps engaging themselves in unbeneficial activities which I would rather call it as “Indulging in extreme entertainment”. The 24 hours that God gives is spent by them singing karaoke, watching television, loafing, racing and sleeping one whole day. Please kids, wake up! Do not waste your time!
To all school leavers, I hope all of you will decide what is best for your future. Choose the right path! Ask a guide from an inspiring adult. (Not the one who frequents the coffee shop from morning until midnight and keeps checking his lottery tickets. God forbids!)

Friday, April 29, 2011


Dear my good friend, Tomoko Ihara of Sendai,Japan,

How are you? I hope you are in a safe condition. It has been such a long time since we last kept in touch. I guess we have been too busy with our own things. The recent tsunami which hit your area is one of those which has made me aware of the importance of KEEPING IN TOUCH. The world and everything around it can wait! Our friends and family are more important!

Sometimes, it's so difficult for me to put aside a few minutes for a friend (and family members) due to the demand of my teaching job in a secondary school. My job is taking away 18-20 hours of my day. There has been moments when I have thought of quitting this demanding job so that I can focus more on matters that are more crucial.

I pray for your safety dear friend.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Saturday 23 April 2011

SMKSR held English Village for 150 students which have been targeted to score A in PMR this year. The English Village was aimed to make students aware of the various techniques that can be employed to assist them in their quest for A.It was hoped that by the end of the day, the students would be able to use all the tips given to do revision on their own at home.

Thanks to Mr Anthony Joseph, Madam Liza Edna and Mr Zahri Efendi for their willingness to share their knowledge with the students. Thanks also to all English teachers of SMKSR and the counselling teachers for their assistants. Last but not least, I would like to thank Mr Norali Subandi for supporting us and willing to officiate the English Village. Your present had been appreciated by all,especially the students. I won't forget my sweet young assistant cum secretary, Miss Norazira Basiran for without her ,the English Village would have not been realised.

To the students, remember that English is the key to knowledge. English is the lingua franca of the world.We,teachers can only guide you but its up to you to put what you have learnt into practice. There is a saying which says, we can bring the horse to the river,but we cannot make it drink.

Saturday, April 2, 2011


Recently I have been driving a lot on highway.In fact, I am driving along the road every week. The first thing I notice as I am driving is the beautiful landscape along the highway. I can't help but feeling grateful to be born in Malaysia.
However, most drivers on the highway do not seem to appreciate this. Most of them are speeding over the speed limit. For the BMW owners , the highway is their racing track. Even a Myvi which runs on 1.3 cc is also speeding over 120km per hour.Motorbikes are no exception. I can only look at them and pray for their safety (and my safety of course.) Even when there is a repairing work done on the road and a sign asking drivers to reduce their speed to 80km and 60km, these fast drivers do not seem to care.
The worst driver is a bus driver of an express bus who goes zigzag on the highway.I just pray that the bus won't fly.See, my lips are always chanting the prayer when I am driving on the highway. My advice to the courteous Malaysian drivers, pray a lot for your safety when you are driving on the highway.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

A lesson from an elephant

I took my children to the zoo and we were lucky that day to witness performances by a few animals. This elephant had caught our attention.She could dance very well to the music.(something that I fail to do in aerobic classes where I usually end up creating my own steps)She would do anything her trainer asked her to do.I am sure she had gone through a lot of trainings. I believe for her to achieve and attain what she had accomplished surely required her to focus and listen to her trainer attentively.She must have imitated her trainer and have practised a lot!

This is something we,humans can learn from the elephant.Students who wish to acquire English should follow the strategy she had adopted: Focus,Listen,Imitate and Practice!(FLIP).FLIP as you watch English movie,FLIP as you listen to Taylor Swift (or any songs), FLIP as your English teacher teaches you to do active reading and FLIP as much as you can from books etc.However do so selectively.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My 3E

This year, I am the class teacher of form 3E.(the second last class from 12 classes.)The class is made up of 37 students. There are very weak in English but this is not a problem.

My only problem is time-management.I am the head panel, chief advisor of the Safety Club and the class teacher of 3E. I am also in-charge of police cadet.On top of that I am teaching four classes of English.

I enjoy teaching English but lately I have many sleepless nights.I have to complete all the clerical works related to 3E - the class registration, collecting the "bayaran tambahan"(extra pay), collecting their co-curricular reports and so on.There is a list of ongoing work related to 3E that will not end until the end of the year.Last week when everybody was having a day off on Thaipusam, I had to go to school to decorate 3E. Amirul,Firdaus and Amar who had just completed their SPM last December helped me to paint the classroom.I bought the paint and the brushes. The striking orange wall was finally replaced by lime green paint.The classroom looks more conducive now for teaching and learning to take place.

Luckily,Faizwan,the monitor of 3E is a responsible boy. He got the table cloth and prepared the class timetable, duty roaster and information corner. The kids in 3E are sweet though they talk a lot. I noticed a boy named Rizwan loves cleaning the classroom. I saw him sweeping the classroom a few times this week. Some of these kids are obedient. They empty the rubbish bin each time I ask.

Natasyah,the class assistant is helpful too though she has her own problem. Shafiqah Kalil, who has lost her mother at a young age is willing to lend her hand. She had painstakingly made a timetable by cutting out some holes on the manila cards and slit in the subjects for each day.(The boys did make a harsh remark over her work but she ignored them)

My students may not be good in studies but they are warm and friendly.They respect me as their class teacher and their English teacher.I hope that I can carry out effective lessons with them. I would like my lessons to be fun and memorable. I hope these kids will be able to have a simple conversation in English, understand simple flyers ,able to fill forms and write a simple letter in English. All I want is enough time to prepare for my lessons and a good health.