Wednesday, August 12, 2009

What's your problem,dear?

My students come from a background where English is very little used at home. One or two of their family members may be able to speak and write in English but they rarely use the language at home.
I also discover even though my students watch English movies and listen to English songs, they find it difficult to grasp the language.I believe this is because they have never put their knowledge into practice.They are ashamed to speak in English in case some people may laugh at them for trying to speak the language of the English man.Some confess that they fear of making mistakes.

When they ask me for tips on how to improve their English. I simply tell them "You must speak in English every day.The purpose of learning a language is to communicate and one of them is to speak in the language.Another effective way is to read a lot of books written in English.Reading however is not their favourite pastimes.Computer games and playstation are their favourites.
It seems that I have a very difficult task in shaping their mind.To improve my students' achievement in English, I need to eliminate all the negative thinkings.