Friday, September 11, 2009

Book Review "Does My Head Look Big In This?"by Randa Abdel-Fatah

I bought this book at Popular Bookshop in Pacific Mall Batu Pahat.I bought it for my daughter.So I passed the book to her when I managed to "check" on her at her hostel.However,she quietly mumbled,for fear that I would go berserk,

"I have read this book..."

Well,it's okay with me.I don't mind buying a good book though it is priced at RM42.90.I have no regret buying it.On many occassions, I have regretted buying a sofa set which bites, a chair for my study table that makes me hunch and pairs of shoes that slice my heel.

Randa Abdel-Fateh is a lawyer cum writer.She has successfully written the book from the point of view of a teenage girl.She is an Aussie-Palestinian-Egyptian who loves her country Australia as much as the White Australians. I shared some of her experiences when I was in UK ages ago..somewhere from 1985 to 1991.

Reading her book makes me feel connected.It is a book which relates a spiritual journey of a young intelligent girl.Often a girl who wears veil or hijab or tudung is seen by many as backward,ignorant and does not know how to have fun.Thanks Randa for enlightening others that Muslim girls are just like any other girls from different religious backgrounds.We have dreams to achieve.We love peace.We love knowledge.Most important of all,we are independent being who have as much right as the men.

This book must therefore be read by all Muslims and non-Muslims.Get out of the "DARK AGES"!