Friday, August 8, 2008

Book Again?

Hi, sorry mate.Reading is my hobby.So I am never bored talking about books.This blog provides me an opportunity I have been deprived off since I left secondary school.There was a group of us in secondary school who loved reading books.We used to retell the story we read to each other.We criticised the characters in the story as if they were real people.We also made a harsh comment on the book cover.We read all types of books;thriller,romance, adventure and so on.
Recently,I read "The Undomestic Goddess" written by Sophie Kinsella.Samantha Sweeting is one of the best lawyers in the country.Yet she has made a horrendous mistake that costs her firm 50 million pounds.She panics and runs away.This is the part I don't really like.Why must she run away?Guess where does she go to? She goes to a rural area and gets herself into a huge house.She is mistaken as the housekeeper the owner is waiting for.There she learns to be a conventional woman.She learns how to cook and clean the house.She also meets her dream man there.To make the story short,one day she discovers that she has been cheated by a colleague who is supposed to defend her.Suddenly,she turns into an iron lady.She goes back to her firm to clear her name and reputation.The story plot seems like a Mills and Boon but the message that Kinsella is trying to deliver has caught my attention.She makes a woman to reconsider her roles in the society.
In our quest for advancement in our career,we tend to take things around us for granted.On numeral occassions when I was so tied up doing my school work, my youngest son fell asleep on my feet.Meanwhile,my third son, who is now in year two, is not showing progress in his studies.I even forgot my anniversary and realised about it when I visited my daughter.She bought a cake for us.Terrible.
Thanks Kinsella for reminding me.


How To teach Grammar(credit to English Language Teaching College,Malaysia)


Teaching aids:
A text(focus on specific grammar item)
mahjong paper
marker pen

1.Get students to study the text
2.Two days later, teacher reads and students write
3.Tell the students “Today, we are going to do dictogloss”
4.“When I read, I don’t want you to write anything. You only need to listen”(Teacher reads at normal speech)
5.“Now, I am going to read for the second time. I want you to write the notes only.”(Perhaps, they will write Nouns, Verbs or Adjectives) (Weak students may ask you to repeat. You may write difficult words on the board)
6.Get students to sit in group of four. Compare which text is similar to teacher’s text.
7.Get students to reconstruct.
8.Rewrite on the mahjong paper- highlight what they have written.

NOTE: When you get students to put up the mahjong paper with the answers on, you are actually teaching.
It is not just an activity. You will see students’ improvement.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Love Yourself First

Salam and hello to everyone!
Since I fell down the stairs due to physical strain (not because I was clumsy), I began to look at many things I have done in the past from a different perspective. For so many years, I have done a lot of things for others. I have never rewarded myself. I was nicknamed the benevolent angle by Mr Granger, my A level teacher. Yet I didn’t understand why? Only last year, I dared to take a step to change myself. I did a lot of things for myself. (like going for facial diligently every month and buying expensive and not so important things just for my own use)The best thing I did last year was I managed to lose some weight. I felt a lot healthier. However, I wish I could eat my meal at appropriate time each day and that the organic vegetables are not sold at such a dear price. My health is my wealth. I guess I need to shed a few more pounds so that I can go paragliding. This morning in school, Norizan said that she saw me smiling a lot lately. Yes! I am calmer and less stressful now because I love myself first before others.
Have you rewarded yourself? How? What have you done?

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A book you should read this August

This book is a collection of important events in China. Ann Wan Seng has opened my world.He makes me realise the importance of holding on to our values. Once a nation loses its values, it will lose everything including its dignity.As I was reading this book, I hope someone who has vast knowledge of our own history will begin to sit and write. I am deeply hurt to see our kids are losing their very own identity. They are not sure who they want to be.

Format of a speech

Good morning ladies and gentlemen.
2.Introduce yourself
Let me begin by introducing myself. I am ………………………………………….
3.Mention the topic
This morning, I am going to talk about ………………………………………………………………………………………….
4.First point
First of all, I would ...........
5.Elaboration (state reason/purpose)
6.Second point
Next, I would ..............
(state reason/purpose)
8.Third point
Moreover, I would .............
(state reason/purpose)
Last but not least, thanks for listening to me.

Monday, August 4, 2008


In conjunction with the coming Independent Day, I am running a composition writing contest. students and teachers in SMKSR are encouraged to take part.The title of the composition is "Three Things I would Like To Do For My Country".You must write in about 150 - 200 words.
The dateline is 30th.August 2008"