Thursday, May 13, 2010

The 8th Malaysia International Conference On English Language Teaching 2010

My husband dropped me at Air Hitam Toll at about 4.30 p.m. and waited with me for Puan Rahmah Sayuti who is forever happy to give me a lift.(Thanks dear sis)
I was looking forward to meeting her friend ,who was also going to present his paper during the conference.When she arrived,I was elated to see her friend was; Chau Meng Huat from Sunway College.I first met him at an open day held at MRSM Batu Pahat where he used to teach.He was formerly a student at SMK Datuk Abdul Rahman Andak. What a small world after all!We arrived at the Equatorial Hotel safely at 7.30 p.m.We checked-in.Then we went out for dinner.We could not find the food that we really liked but an empty tummy needed to be filled.So we ended up eating at a fast food outlet.(I should have packed some sandwiches)
I registered myself at the secretariat and was given a bag with the free goodies.I had a light breakfast only. During breakfast,I met some teachers and young female lecturers who look like my form 4 and 5 students. At 9 a.m.Pn Rahmah, Chau and I ventured into the room we wished to visit.I went to Melaka 8 and was dissapointed because the presenter had withdrawn.Later I attended the talk by Alan Maley and Ivor Timmis. Ivor talked about whether second language learners need to be exposed to native speakers' English.His talk gave me some insight on "speaking" as I myself have a deep interest in this aspect and have in fact done an action research on it in 2004.Throughout my almost 20 years experience teaching English ,I have come across many instances of English structures used by Malaysians which are totally different from the native speakers'.
12th.May 2010
I enjoyed the session on creative writing with Alan Maley and later with Hitomi Masahura on how to keep our lesson engaging in the ELS classroom. I managed to listen to some teachers presented their research.Most of them are doing P.H.D. in local universities.[What about me?....:)]
Puan Rahmah finally presented her action research on IDIOM. She had pulled a large crowd. I wonder if people would come to listen to me if I were to present my research.(because I do not have a PHD nor a Master):(
Meanwhile, Rani,an excellent teacher from Batu Pahat did a workshop on song.It was superb but could not stay until the end since Chau Meng Huat's slot was also half-way after Rani's slot.Like Pn Rahmah,he did a great job.A very young man with a lot to offer.He is indeed a highly intelligent young man.
We left Melaka by 4 p.m. and upon reaching Air Hitam the rain fell heavily.Will I go to the next MICELT conference? Well....let's wait and see.