Friday, July 23, 2010

Life is so short to be ordinary

I had come across this phrase "Life is so short to be ordinary" many times but it caught my attention only a few days ago when I read Azizi Ali's website.No wonder he had accomplished a lot in his life. I read his article once in a newspaper 15 years ago about how to be millionaire without having to work after 5 p.m.Yet it was impossible for me to follow as I was living from day to day on a small income.(when I have to support five members of my family.)Excuses!

I guess now I have to examine myself. What I am capable at? I must leave my comfort zone and venture into something more challenging and fulfilling.Yet I don't know how to start and when to start.I don't have that much time to do what I enjoy doing.(Now I sound like my students...he he he)

I am going to pull myself together starting from today. I shall make a difference in my life (when I am already 42?)What the heck? It's never too late.I must inspire my students that they too can achieve their dreams if they make an effort.Sitting down and thinking about their dreams won't bring them anywhere.After all, successful people have proved countless times that to succeed you must stop being ordinary.