Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Should English Language Teachers be blamed for the deteriorating standard of English?

As an English teacher, I encourage my students to speak in English. However recently I was quite saddened by a girl's attitude. Cheerfully I asked her "How are you?",she simply answered me in Malay "Baik",meaning "I am fine."Then, when I asked her "How's your study?,she gave reply in Malay again. I knew she could give response in English. So,I asked her in Malay " Why are you conversing in Malay? I am asking you in English" She simply answered "Saya orang Melayu.Saya jawab Bahasa Melayulah"meaning,"I am a Malay.That's why,I spoke to you in Malay"

Based on my experience, do you think English teachers should be blamed solely for the deteriorating standard of English in Malaysia?