Friday, December 5, 2008

Children's Story 1

Ihsan , a Bright Boy.

Ihsan is a bright boy. He lives in a small town in Malaysia, with his parents. His parents love him very much. His teachers and friends at the kindergarten love him too.
Even though he is only five, he can speak like an adult. He does not like to waste his time. He wakes up early in the morning and helps his mother to do the housework.

One of his hobbies is keeping fish as a pet. He has two fishes. He names them “Peach” and “Mint”. Every morning he feeds them and cleans their aquarium twice a week
He is a very responsible person.

On some weekends, he goes to his grandparents’ house, which is only 40 kilometres away from his house. He usually stays overnight there. He loves to visit his grandparents because their house is surrounded by trees and has a huge compound. He can do many activities there. He can find ants,ladybirds, praying mantis, butterflies, squirrels and wild birds. However, Ihsan is puzzled to find all these animals at his grandparents’ place but not at his parents’ home.

Above is a picture of a praying mantis.

Parents can help their children to improve their English

1.Read English Story Book to them every day.
2.Speak to them in English every day.
3.List vocabulary on a board to help them remember.
4.Play word games with them. Scrabble and puzzles are wonderful games.
5.Teach them how to use dictionary. Begin with pictorial dictionary.
6.Get them to write a journal. For example, they can write about their likes and dislikes. They can write about their school holidays.
7.Watch English programme on Tv with them.Cartoon is also effective in helping children to increase their vocabulary.
8.Avoid laughing at their mistakes. The main purpose is to get them communicate.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The smiling face on the sky

The moon I saw on Monday, 1st. December 2008.What a beautiful sight to behold!(photographed by Hasnul)

Monday, December 1, 2008

Where is Malaysia?

This is my lovely country.It is a small country if compared to United States.In fact,I have just learned that Kazakhstan is 18 times bigger than my country.
About 2 hours ago,I saw a beautiful picture of a smiling face formed by a moon and two stars.Due to the fog,I could not get a good picture of it.It's awesome.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Teaching composition 1

Dear teachers,
Here are the simple steps which you can follow in teaching your students to write a postcard or a letter to their friend.
1. Assign a task to your student. Task: Write a postcard or a letter to a friend describing the place you have recently visited.
2. Provide photographs or pictures of the place.
3. Provide adjectives; Examples: To describe places - breathtaking, fascinating, beautiful, wonderful, and mesmerising.
To describe feeling - excited, thrilled,
4. Provide useful words/expressions.
5. Give outline of the whole composition.
6. Get the students to write on their own.