Tuesday, February 2, 2010

How to deliver a speech

As a speaker , please do the following ;
1.Welcome the audience
2.Introduce yourself
3.Explain the aim of giving the presentation/ or the course/Tell them the title.
4.Tell the audience whether you prefer them to ask after your presentation or during your presentation.
5.As you give presentation , please be aware of your body language, your eye contacts and your voice.
6.If you are not clear about certain issues,don’t panic.Be frank. Say,” I am sorry that I cannot brief you further on this until I have got some information”. Or you may say“ I will find the information you need”
7.Before presentation;Make sure you know your stuff well.Check your handouts and make copies days earlier.(You have to consult the organiser closely about the number of participants,the venue, content etc)Check your slide presentation.Fonts and colours must be suitable.Your slide should not contain more than 3 colours.Make sure your notebook and LCD projector are in good condition.
8.Do not look down on your audiences/course participants.Do not underestimate audiences’ or paticipants’ knowledge/experience.Do not show anger.Do not be rude.
8.You should smile,show confidence,be polite,dress up appropriately and listen to your audiences.
9.Be aware of the surrounding. Sometimes a sudden noise from outside may interrupt your presentation. Wait until the noise subsides.Make a light joke and continue your presentation.
10.You can even give a riddle to prevent boredom and reward those who able to solve the riddle.Remember that a human being can only focus for a span of an hour or two.
11.Switch off your handphone.
12.Master computer skills.


1.Equip yourself with adequate vocabulary by reading various types of English materials and by varying the “genre”.
2.Speak a lot in English.Thus,get yourself to mingle more with people who speak fluent English.
3.Brush up your grammar.Wrong grammar may change meaning and cause communication breakdown.
4.You must pronounce words correctly and use appropriate intonation when you speak. Wrong pronunciation will lead to failure in communicating your thoughts and ideas. Inappropriate intonation, on the other hand , may cause misinterpretations.
5.When you speak , you have to look at whom you are speaking to. The way you speak to your teacher is not the same as you speak to your friends.