Saturday, August 29, 2009

Fasting Month

Fasting Month is here!Every year, Muslims from all over the world fast for a month during Ramadhan.In Malaysia, Ramadhan is much awaited even by my 6 years old.He is learning to fast.He told me on the first day that he would be fasting on alternate days.So far he has fasted for one day only.Not bad at all!Better than me!
As kid I was too skinny like Olive,Popeye's girlfriend that my grandma felt sorry to see me went without food for the whole day.So when she baked the cookies,she asked me to taste them.Actually she was feeding me.When we broke our fast later in the evening,she fed me more.I love Ramadhan.I hope all of you too.
My dear students,please write to me about the first time you fast.Ramadhan Mubarak.