Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Master Teacher (Guru Cemerlang)

Do I deserve to be a master teacher?
when I only teach the full bright kids?
I don't have to roll my sleeve and wipe the salty sticky sweat
that dripping down my face like some of my friends in the not so good school.
Oh my.....they ran up the stairs
and down again.
I am almost breathless chasing them
to go into the classroom.

What am I doing now?
Filling up the form with my particulars
praising myself, stating why I.....
deserve to be a master teacher.

Yet in not so good school
The mischievous teenagers who can't even sit still,
and always flashing their yellow teeth
keep saying....
I don't have a pen teacher.
Can I borrow your pen, teacher?
Oh,I left my book teacher.
when ask the reason for not writing.

Do I deserve to be a master teacher?
when I can't even help these not so good kids
to get a pass in English
or at the least, to love learning.