Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Is going to university a must?

My Essex U: I was at the William Morris Tower

Hi everyone!
Going to university has always been one’s dream because almost everyone around us says, “When you grow up, you must study hard and go to university. Once you graduated, you will get a high salary.”
This belief may have been true forty or twenty years ago. Bill Gates has proved to us that even though he did not graduate, he can still earn a high figure income. However, should we compare ourselves to Bill Gates?
Bill Gates may have left university but he did so not because he disliked learning. The university did not seem able to satisfy his curiosity and challenge his intelligence. On his own, he ventured into the world of computer and introduced Microsoft. Bill Gates is the one who is responsible to initiate the high-tech lifestyle that most of us are indulging in at present.
Well, back to the main issue “Should we go to university? Personally, as a mother, I would like my children to follow my footsteps though I have seen a few instances of school dropouts turn out to become wealthy businessmen. I would like my sons to learn as much as they can before they join the working force. I would like to equip them with the necessary skills needed to survive in the adults’ world. I would like them to be able to make wise judgement. Yes they should be rich enough that they can help others! I hope they would not turn up to love money more than their own selves.
A friend I know says that university is not the only place to gain knowledge and skills. I agree with him because there are many technical colleges around the country which provide trainings for future technicians and engineers. Even a car workshop in my neighbourhood offers informal lessons to youngsters who are not academically inclined. What important for a school leaver is to decide what is best for him. Wherever he goes, learning process should continue.
I am really sad to see youngsters, who refuse to further study or to get trainings, but keeps engaging themselves in unbeneficial activities which I would rather call it as “Indulging in extreme entertainment”. The 24 hours that God gives is spent by them singing karaoke, watching television, loafing, racing and sleeping one whole day. Please kids, wake up! Do not waste your time!
To all school leavers, I hope all of you will decide what is best for your future. Choose the right path! Ask a guide from an inspiring adult. (Not the one who frequents the coffee shop from morning until midnight and keeps checking his lottery tickets. God forbids!)